Ford EcoSport Proves Capable Compact SUV

Road conditions and changing weather can make any drive a challenge these days, whether a short hop across town or a long-distance trip. That's why more smart consumers are discovering how capable the Ford EcoSport Compact SUV is because it delivers the caliber of performance that makes driving not only easier but also a pleasure.

Hilly terrain is never a problem because the Ford EcoSport Compact SUV features a hill start assist system. When stopped on a hill, it allows you to switch between brake pedal and gas pedal without the vehicle rolling backwards. The Ford EcoSport also has the capability of quick and seamless acceleration, thanks to its EcoBoost engine, awarded honors by Engine Technology International Magazine.

Our dealership showroom in Lancaster has several Ford Ecosport Compact SUVs ready for your inspection as well as a test drive. Come discover for yourself how very capable this popular compact SUV is!



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