Luxury With A Sleek Design

If you've been on the fence about what kind of sports car to purchase, consider the luxury features that the Ford Mustang offers. From the driver's seat that sits lower in the car to the stylish steering wheel that is positioned at a comfortable angle, the Mustang is more like a luxury car than a sports car but with the speed and appearance that you desire.

The HID headlamps offer an aggressive appearance to the Mustang while the taillights and sleek body design deliver an energetic look that turns heads. Since the car has a low body design, it has improved aerodynamics that make it handle a bit better while going around curves in Lancaster.

When you're at Antelope Valley Ford, we can show you the new features of the Mustang that give it an improved appearance. We can also show you the various options that can be added to the car to make it yours.



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