Ford Explorer SUV

When looking at the Ford Explorer, you might not know that it sets the bar high as being the next big SUV. Explorers are already known for their robust quality amongst SUVs. They brought SUVs into the limelight, and this new model continues to carry the prestige that Ford has.

This car offers enough seating for a family during road trips or even with friends. Not only does this SUV have open space for a group of seven people but it's also eco-friendly. You'll be able to ride in style while lowering your carbon footprint along the way. You'll even have excellent features such as leather seating that has temperature control to a 12-speaker sound system.

However, the best way to find out what the Ford Explorer has to offer is to visit us at Antelope Valley Ford Lincoln in Lancaster. Visiting us will give you the perfect opportunity to decide whether or not this superb SUV is a car that is fit for your needs.
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