But It Just Rained. I Do Not Need To Wash My Car!

Rain does not wash your car. It may rinse off some dust, but if it does, it will leave streaks of dust and other material.

Keeping your car washed properly maintains the value of the vehicle. You spent a lot of money on your car, and if it is dirty or has droppings and other grime on it, well, it just looks nasty. There are two things that attract attention: A very clean, beautiful vehicle, and a very dirty, ugly vehicle. You want your investment to look as great as it can. You want to show off your car, not hide it.

Proper vehicle maintenance includes washing your car on a regular basis. Most manufacturers will recommend that a vehicle should be washed once a week, whether you do it by hand or have a professional car wash attend to it. It will stop the vehicle's paint from fading by bird droppings and other chemicals. Keep it clean and wash your car today!
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