Be Polite: Use the 2018 Mustang's "Quiet Start" Mode

Mustangs are cars known for their power. The problem with power though, is that it tends to be loud. Even just switching the 2018 Mustang's engine on can cause a roar that's bound to get the neighbors' attention.

Luckily, Ford has recently revealed that the new Mustang will be able to take advantage of a new Quiet Start mechanism you can use to hush its engine sounds as needed. All you have to do is go into the car's engine options and you'll be able to set up time windows where Quiet Start will automatically trigger. While Quiet Start's active, the Mustang's V8 engine will close its valves, minimizing the start and running noises so your neighbors can keep sleeping if you have somewhere to go early in the morning.

The 2018 Mustang will have a ton of great features like Quiet Start. To find out more about them, pay us a visit at Antelope Valley Ford Lincoln. The staff of our Lancaster, CA location will answer your questions and let you have a look at our inventory of new Ford cars. You'll find a ton of excellent vehicles waiting for you, including the

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