Telephone Directory

Our telephone system is designed to pick up within two seconds.  If you know the extension of the party you're trying to reach, dial the extension as soon as the system picks up, and it will take you to that extension. If the person on that extension is unavailable, either leave a message or dial zero for the operator, and you will be transferred back to a real live person who will page the party you're seeking.

(661) 949-3586
Sales: (888) 483-0454
Service: (888) 483-0687
Schedule Service Appointment:
(888) 390-0295
Parts Retail: (800) 391-3923
Parts Wholesale: (888) 481-8609

New & Used
Sales x 297
Finance x 213, 214

Ford Lincoln Service
Appointments x 215 or call (888) 390-0295
Bill Sidner x 232
Robert Morgan x 234
Cashiers x 275, 229

Truck & Fleet Service Center

Adrian Toma x 375

Quick Lane Service & Tire Center
Keri Webber x 300
Jessica Desjardins  x 325

Mazda Parts & Service
Barry Fulp x 310

Ford Parts
Jim Novoa x 224

Ford Wholesale Parts
John Rondou x 226

Ford Retail Parts
Alex Flores x 220
Dave Quintanar x 211

Shipping & Receiving
Frank Everard x 349

Business Office
Controller, Leslie Walker x 291
DMV Desk, Janice Scott x 264
Payables, Victoria Bruhanski x 236

General Manager
Doug Killebrew x 205