> 2013 ford Focus: details and specs

Focus Performance: Start it up. The 2013 Focus revs to life when you push the optional start button. It handles well when you combine the chassis and suspension, and a cornering assist system that puts the torque where the traction is. We took some very sweet performance technology and put it at your fingertips. Learn More >>

Focus Design: If our designers were cubists, the 2013 Focus might have turned out boxy. Clearly, they are not. Instead, they created a shape, and shapes within that shape. The beltline is actually several beltlines, shifting into a Z-shaped pattern that gives the Focus muscular shoulders over its wheels. It’s kinetic design. It makes the car look like it’s in motion even when it’s parked. This is a car that looks coiled and ready to spring. So go ahead. Get in. And start more than a car.
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Focus Technology: Focus has the technological mastery to keep you connected to the rest of the world. The big news is the availability of SYNC® with MyFord Touch® technology. It’s done for the car what touch did for the phone. A simple intuitive touch screen that lets you control your navigation, phone and entertainment. Steering wheel-mounted controls with a display in the cluster right in front of you let you control additional functions without taking your hands off the wheel or turning your head. Oh, but there’s more. So much more.
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Focus Interior: It’s easy to imagine yourself a fighter pilot driving the 2013 Focus. The cockpit just feels like something you fly, not drive. Everything you need is in there, but it’s hardly dry and utilitarian. It’s a hundred little reasons to say, “ooh.” Learn More >>

> 2013 ford Focus: Trim level options

There are many choices when it comes to the Ford Focus.
Which Focus will you take home?

Starting MSRP Trim Level
$16,200* Focus S Sedan
$18,200* Focus SE Sedan
$19,200* Focus SE 5-Door
$23,200* Focus Titanium Sedan
$23,700* Focus ST
$24,200* Focus Titanium 5-Door
$39,200* Focus Electric

* For Cash Purchase

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