> 2013 Explorer Features: Smart

Lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist

Unique features that are designed to help keep you in control behind the wheel:

• Lane-keeping alert warns you through haptic feedback (a series of steering wheel vibrations that mimic a rumble strip) should the system detect an unintentional lane departure
• Lane-keeping aid actively applies a steering torque which directs your vehicle back into the target lane should the system detect an unintended lane departure
• A forward-facing camera detects lane markings and communicates with the steering system
• System settings are customizable

Inflatable Rear Safety Belts

Introducing the world’s first automotive production inflatable rear safety belts. Available in the Explorer XLT and Limited models (second-row outboard seating positions), the inflated belt helps distribute crash-force energy across more of the occupant's torso than a traditional belt, which helps reduce the risk of injury, while providing support to the head and neck. In the event of a frontal or side crash, the inflatable safety belts hold the passenger in the appropriate seating position, helping to reduce risk of injury. These safety belts are compatible with child safety seats. In consumer tests, most respondents said the inflatable rear safety belts felt similar to or softer and more comfortable than conventional safety belts. This can help encourage safety belt usage.

BLIS® With Cross-Traffic Alert

The available BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert uses sensors in the rear quarter panels to monitor your blind spot and will illuminate an alert display on the appropriate exterior mirror if another vehicle is detected there before you change lanes. Cross-traffic alert can detect approaching vehicles while you’re slowly backing up. BLIS with cross-traffic alert is included in the BLIS Plus Inflatable Rear Safety Belt Package.

Adaptive Cruise Control And Collision Warning With Brake Support

Adaptive cruise control functions similarly to cruise control, but with one exception: When its sensors detect traffic slowing, your vehicle also slows down. After traffic has cleared, your vehicle resumes the preset speed. Collision warning with brake support will alert you if it senses a potential collision with the car in front of you. A “heads-up” display, which simulates brake lights, flashes on the windshield. If you don't react in time, the brakes will precharge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you brake.

Automatic High-Beams

New for 2013 are available automatic high-beam headlamps. Activate them and they automatically change modes, going from low beam to high beam to provide enhanced illumination. Also included are HID headlamps that last longer and use less energy than conventional halogen bulbs.

Trailer Sway Control

Standard trailer sway control can detect if trailer sway is occurring and automatically decrease engine speed and apply asymmetric braking to help correct the situation.* This provides more control to help you safely tow a boat or trailer.

*Remember that even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. It's always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions.

AdvanceTrac® with RSC®

Standard AdvanceTrac with RSC is the industry’s only electronic stability control system that uses two gyroscopic sensors to monitor both yaw rate and roll rate. This allows AdvanceTrac with RSC to help you maintain control whenever it detects wheelslip, understeer, oversteer or roll motion. It also helps maintain control in adverse road conditions such as ice, gravel or rain.* AdvanceTrac with RSC also features Curve Control, which will slow the vehicle down as much as 10 mph every second when it senses that the vehicle is going too fast for a particular curve. It’s always active in helping you maintain control around the curves.

*Remember that even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. It’s always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions.

Rear View Camera

The available rear view camera provides a video image on the center console screen of the area behind your vehicle. The screen has guides and a zoom feature that help you align your vehicle with a trailer when you want to tow.
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